APISVIDA is a international company, producer and distributor of natural, organic, energy and cosmetic foods, which is related to the quality of life and benefits of its partners, partners and employees, ensuring practical and sustainable.
Founded in September 1994 in the city of Bebedouro, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, APISVIDA started the production and distribution of honey and propolis in the regional market, under the Ministry of Agriculture. Due to the high quality of its products, APISVIDA gained credibility and soon began to serve the national market. Today a company counts on the specific lines of products: APISVIDA honey and propolis line, Nature food line, Golden Life royal jelly, Energy drinks Lightning and Zelth cosmetics line.

APISVIDA has strong recognition in the international market, due to the certifications obtained, such as the IBD (Biodynamic Institute) seal accepted by the most demanding bodies worldwide such as IFOAM, USDA. The process of producing honey and bee products is sustainable, as is organic beekeeping.
APISVIDA has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the segment with strict quality control of its products, according to the standards of Food Safety Management, ISO 22000. Due to constant investment in innovation and development, APISVIDA is becoming more and more in the market, being present in large supermarket chains, pharmacies, distributors and specialized retailers.

World Recognition

Globally, APISVIDA has several partners abroad and exports its products to countries such as USA, Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, among others.
In this line of work and constant search for quality, APISVIDA has earned a respected name in Brazil and in the World.