Certificações APISVIDA

APISVIDA is recognized in the national and international market due to the great variety of certifications acquired, for excellence in its production process and attesting the origin of the raw material used. Are they:

The ISO 22000 Certification, internationally recognized for being responsible for the Food Safety Management System and ranging from the interactive communication, management system to the control of risks in production.

The IBD is responsible for qualifying the organic origin products, classified as Organic of Brazil seal used for the domestic market or USDA for the North American market.

Jewish culture has its own certification so that Torah followers can consume products from the food industries, after verifying that the inputs, the manufacturing process, and the manufacturing line follow kashrut standards.

Food and Drug Administration USA, is the necessary record for distribution of products within the United States, ensuring the public and consumer health of APISVIDA products.

The Institute is certified worldwide by quality ceramics and its prestige can be proven by partnerships. There are 15 renowned culinary institutions and sommeliers' associations, such as the Academy of Culinary Arts and the Culinary Academy of France, to form a jury with more than 250 specialists. All products that participate in the tests are evaluated by their own attributes, there is no competition between them.